Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

Are you struggling to hire top talent? If so, know that you’re not alone. There are many reasons why companies have difficulty hiring. Among the most common ones are problems with the job descriptions, lack of communication with candidates, and taking too long to make hiring decisions. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to […]

Company Culture: 4 Tips to Avoid The Grass is Always Greener Syndrome

It is human nature that once a person gets used to something, they accept it as the status quo. The same goes for company culture and the benefits that companies provide their staff. Employees who start to (for lack of a better term) lack appreciation for their company’s culture are more likely to seek new […]

If Money is Your Only Retention Plan, You’re Not Going to Retain People

While interviewing two staffing executives for our latest e-book (click to download), “What You Don’t Know About the War on Talent,” a secondary question came up when discussing their employee retention plans. I asked them, “How do you retain a great employee when a discrepancy in pay exists with other industries?” For example, how would […]

Unlock the Key to Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Top Talent

Everything You Need to Win the War on Talent and Take Your Company to the Next Level It’s no secret that businesses everywhere are facing a skill shortage…especially in the skilled trades. A talent survey by Manpower showed 35% of over 38,000 employers worldwide report they are experiencing difficulty filling jobs due to lack of […]