The Governance Model

No two organizations are exactly the same, and while consistency in business processes and operations is essential, it is true that successful companies do not remain static. The challenge for most companies lies in the need to drive change while retaining this consistency. As a key contributor to the talent makeup that drives many companies […]

Is A Payroll Service The Right Solution For Your Talent Needs?

When companies need talent quickly and compliantly, without adding headcount, how can you deliver the resources to execute on business goals? A payroll solution can help add the workers needed without the overhead and risks involved with permanent hires. Partnering with a payroll service provider can free your organization from the responsibilities of being an employer of […]

When Should You Consider Using A Managed Services Program?

When considering an outsourced model, such as a managed services program, companies first need to understand how these solutions can drive organizational performance and what their business impacts need to be. It’s critical to start off the process by building a business case that outlines the benefits, cost impact and risk for your executive stakeholders.  […]

IT Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Security

IT Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Security

From HIPAA and data breaches to the patient perspective and EHRs, healthcare has never faced so many critical challenges at once. The need to comply with new regulations and requirements for protecting patient health information will not only require a robust security strategy but will also demand sufficient IT resources to implement it. We understand […]