Spring Cleaning – Purge the Clutter from Your Workspace

spring cleaning

In New England we’ve had a few 60 degree days, so it’s felt like spring recently.  I’m even seeing some flowers budding through the ground already – we’ll see if they make it. I know we’ll be reminded that it’s not quite spring yet, but it’s a good time to start the spring cleaning of […]

It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

Spring time is here and we (New Englanders) hope warm weather is on its way! During the winter months it’s easy to fall into a type of “sluggish” routine.  We avoid going outside because it is just too cold to get all bundled up to run errands or go to the gym. Despite our recent […]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Yourself and Your Desk Organized

As we approach the middle of March, now is a great time to do some Spring cleaning and reorganizing. Studies say, “A clean desk will help your mind focus on order and expectations.” Also, after doing a bit of research on this topic, it seems as though a messy desk puts yourself at risk to […]

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Well it’s official!  Spring is here and I can finally see my front lawn again.  The snow piles have melted and now everything that the cold winter had hidden is now quite visible again (including some pesky fall leaves that I didn’t finish raking in November).  As such, spring is a time of new beginnings […]