When Sales Meets Passion, Purpose & Product

When Sales Meets Passion Purpose & Product

Recently we were asked to provide the “Top 5” reasons to choose our company as the primary vendor of an account. Below is the response we submitted… yes we broke a rule by submitting 6, but sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I thought it was worth sharing because I liked our answers. […]

Pick up the F#@%!$* PHONE!

pick up the phone

Since I began leading my own sales team, trends have become more obvious on what works, what doesn’t work, and what might be more effective. I’m one of those people that can’t leave work at work.  I’m always spending free moments reflecting on certain situations or decisions I made, or playing Monday morning quarterback.  Recently, […]

A Day in the Life of DAVIS Sales [video]

a day in the life of davis sales

Are you interested in pursuing a career in staffing sales? Take a look inside a Day in the Life of a DAVIS Account Executive. Click here to view our current career opportunities.

Networking at a Tradeshow, You Never Know Who Might Sit Next to You

Networking at a Tradeshow, You Never Know Who Might Sit Next to You

For some professionals attending a tradeshows and conferences is a fun way to learn more in your field and have some time out of the office. Sometimes they’re even in fun destinations. Other times a tradeshow is educational and a way to find new vendors to help you do your job. You might meet new […]

Meeting Preparation for Sales Pros: Bring the Soft Skills!

Meeting Preparation for Sales

Last week, during our Monday morning Sales meeting, we discussed Meeting Prep and Facilitation. The latter half of the meeting turned into a roundtable with more of the experienced professionals sharing the soft tactics they employ to help them be successful.

What Makes a Good Customer?

what makes a good customer

What is a good customer? In the business world, aren’t all customers “good customers”? That’s not always the case. If your business is in survival mode, you need customers desperately and will take anything you can get. If you’re in a more stable position it is important to partner with ideal customers, and have a means to […]