Pre-Employment Drug Testing in 2022

Deciding whether to hire a candidate should depend on more than just their resume, interview, and background check. You may want to find out whether the candidate’s lifestyle is suited for your company. One way to accomplish this objective is through pre-employment drug testing. This can help save money and protect the safety of your […]

What’s all the Squawk about Worker’s Comp ?

worker's comp

For those of us who work in staffing for the manufacturing industry, safety initiatives and worker’s comp insurance are of paramount concern.  Why?  What is the big deal about worker’s compensation? 

Could CPR Training Be Some of the Best Time Ever Spent by Employers?

This weekend while my husband and I were at the Cape, trying to soak up the last of the summer rays, we heard sad news of a young child that drowned at one of our town beaches. Our close friends from Maine had actually arrived at the beach around sunset to relax after a long […]

Working with OSHA: The Temporary Worker Safety Alliance

Earlier this year, on May 21st, the American Staffing Association and OSHA joined forced in the Temporary Worker Safety Alliance. The mission was simple; improve safety for temporary workers across the country and across all industries.  Dr. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health spearheads the initiative.  No doubt about it, […]