Recognizing When People Take the Initiative

As an employer, you hope people will take the initiative. You want people to be proactive, see an opportunity and come up with a solution. Here at DAVIS, we strive to foster an environment that allows people to jump in and take the initiative and we also focus on recognizing and celebrating that behavior when […]

What Makes a Good Customer?

what makes a good customer

What is a good customer? In the business world, aren’t all customers “good customers”? That’s not always the case. If your business is in survival mode, you need customers desperately and will take anything you can get. If you’re in a more stable position it is important to partner with ideal customers, and have a means to […]

Recruiting is More Than a Volume Game…

An inside look at DAVIS Recruiting… Here at DAVIS we measure everything from inbound and outbound phone calls to interview to fill quality ratios and fulfillment times… though not for the reasons you may think.  Our recruiters and sales reps are acutely aware of where they stand at any given time because the primary requirements […]

Quality Relationships with Candidates is Key

As a job seeker, working with a recruiter can be a new and unfamiliar experience. Developing quality relationships is key to a successful job search in today’s market. I wanted to share a perfect example of how this recently worked out positively for me and one of my candidates. I recently had the experience of […]