Candidates Are People – Not Revenue

candidates are people

After being in the engineering staffing services industry for over 11 years, I have met countless recruitment professionals and even more qualified candidates across the country and across various skillsets. You know that you are speaking to a good Recruiter when the successes they discuss are centered around helping the folks around them, as opposed […]

Make Eye Contact, Smile, and Say Hello

Make eye contact smile and say hello

Have you ever walked to a meeting or the restroom and passed a coworker who literally avoided eye contact? This is very common in today’s world of looking at cell phones and being passive to human interaction. But it still confuses me why this is the new norm.

Pick up the F#@%!$* PHONE!

pick up the phone

Since I began leading my own sales team, trends have become more obvious on what works, what doesn’t work, and what might be more effective. I’m one of those people that can’t leave work at work.  I’m always spending free moments reflecting on certain situations or decisions I made, or playing Monday morning quarterback.  Recently, […]

The Glorious Company Town Hall Meeting

company town hall meeting

The quarterly company meeting is coming up at DAVIS and multitudes of emails, break room flyers and the usual company chatter has been hyping up the event for weeks beforehand. Finishing touches on division presentations are hurriedly being put together, and travel plans are being made for employees from all over the country to get […]

The Importance of Having a Mentor in Your Career

The Importance of Having a Mentor in Your Career

Throughout some of my more recent networking events, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a handful of individuals who have become quite successful in their respective fields. In between discussing what they do for work, where they’re from, or our mutual connections, there was another piece of information that kept coming up in these conversations. […]

Building Your Team Dynamic for a Winning Culture

Are you on a winning team? I believe that everyone wants to be on a winning team, even the individuals that thrive by themselves. Here are a few tips in building your team dynamic for a winning culture.