6 Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Young Professional (Or Anyone)

7 Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Young Professional

As we are about halfway through summer 2016, I thought I would do a public service for those who have yet to take any vacation. Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, everyone should take vacation to reset and refresh. You’ve been working hard and deserve your time off!

Massachusetts Employers and the Earned Sick Time Law

Thousands of Massachusetts employees who have previously gone without Paid Sick Time will are about to get it.  Last November, Massachusetts voters passed legislation with an overwhelming voice to force Commonwealth employers who weren’t paying for sick time to step up.  In theory this seemed like a no-brainer.  As an employer, if people are genuinely […]

Taking Employee Empowerment to the Next Level

The DAVIS Companies and its employees have received significant recognition for being one of the best places to work.  As a result, I have been fortunately enough to attend several awards dinners and ceremonies over the past couple years.  I can say first hand, it’s a good feeling to stand there among the best of […]