A Look Back at 2020

2020 has been quite the year. Wearing masks became the new normal, many people transitioned to remote work, and everyone has gotten creative with their Zoom backgrounds! Now, nine months since first going remote we are ringing in a new year.  We adapted, we made do with what we had to work with, and we made it!

What We’ve Learned…

To say that this period is unique would be a gross understatement.  Unemployment has spiked, social distancing and quarantine have shattered collaboration and hiring norms and private industry has responded with unparalleled creativity, agility and generosity.  In many organizations, our professional and personal lives have collided and formed new, bizarre levels of humanity, hilarity and vulnerability… the professional façade amongst coworkers has been vaporized. 

4 Leadership Tips for Uncertain Times

This is week 3 of working from home for us at DAVIS.  Our new normal is still evolving…but let’s be honest it still doesn’t feel “normal.”  Although I must admit, my home office is coming along nicely! Each week I tweak a few things to make it more and more enjoyable! If you didn’t watch the […]

Social Distancing: Week 1

It’s amazing what a week can do. I’m not going to lie, this time last week felt much more uneasy. Life was changing rapidly and as someone who likes to get up, workout, get dressed and head to work, my routine for the last two years was over…or so I thought.

Balancing Life and Work with Technology as a New Parent

Balancing Life and Work with Technology as a New Parent

How did our parents balance all this?! I wake up at 6am every day, and the immediate scramble to check the baby monitor and view my calendar for the day invades my mind. Did we take out the trash? What day is lawn bag removal? Do I have clean exercise clothes? Do I have any […]

Creating a Team Cadence for Success

Creating a Team Cadence for Success

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford Whether you are in sales, recruiting, engineering, or manufacturing, creating a great team environment begins with how you start, spend, and end your days. If you can harness a team’s collective work ethic, effort, and brain power, the results will come. Cadence […]