3 Ways to Master Your Time Management Skills

time management

A few weeks ago, I attended training with Employers Association of the Northeast on Time Management and Time Mastery. Many of us struggle to manage our time throughout the work day, but we often don’t know how to solve that problem. Tasks get left uncompleted, unfavorable work gets pushed into the next day, we become […]

Spring Cleaning – Purge the Clutter from Your Workspace

spring cleaning

In New England we’ve had a few 60 degree days, so it’s felt like spring recently.  I’m even seeing some flowers budding through the ground already – we’ll see if they make it. I know we’ll be reminded that it’s not quite spring yet, but it’s a good time to start the spring cleaning of […]

6 Tips for a Focused March Into Spring

6 Tips for a Focused March Into Spring

As we enter March most of us are already ready for spring! Nice, sunny days, leaving work while the sun is still shining! The doldrums of winter are nearly coming to an end. Here are a few tips to stay motivated and focused!