How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

You have just found out the good news, an addition to your family is on the way! Now it’s time to plan accordingly, and that means meeting with your boss and figuring out your maternity leave. Depending on your relationship with your boss this can be an exciting announcement or somewhat scary. Stepping out of […]

Interview Preparation Playbook

Are you ready for the big interview tomorrow? Doing your homework and being fully prepared can be the key to a successful interview. These 10 sites will provide you with a wealth of interview preparation information:

How to Leave Your Work at Work When You Go On Vacation

As much as we look forward to our vacations sometimes they can be stressful.  Not the vacation itself, but the week before and then the dreaded return from your well-deserved vacation.  The workload always seems to pick up the week before you leave.  Whether it’s a new project, an increase in normal day-to-day tasks or […]

How to Be Prepared for Your First Day of Work

This Tuesday’s blog is for all the folks who are fresh off the market and getting ready to start their new job. Congratulations, you did it! Your first day of work is always exciting, but it is also nerve-wracking. A person’s impression of you takes only 3 seconds based on a quick glance, so you […]

Keep Calm and Prepare On!

A couple weeks ago some areas in Mass received over 30 inches of snow!  Naturally schools were closed for two days and a driving ban was issued for about 24 hours but during this same storm a friend of mine living in Virginia told me they received less than 2 inches of snow and schools […]