Networking 101: How to be Prepared for a Tradeshow or Event

Networking 101 How to Prepare for a Tradeshow or Event

Chances are you’ve attended a networking event at some point in your career. Whether it is a job fair, a tradeshow or conference, there’s nothing worse than leaving with no action items or new knowledge to pass along. As these events can be expensive, it’s important that you prepare yourself and go into it ready […]

How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

You have just found out the good news, an addition to your family is on the way! Now it’s time to plan accordingly, and that means meeting with your boss and figuring out your maternity leave. Depending on your relationship with your boss this can be an exciting announcement or somewhat scary. Stepping out of […]

Invest 10 Minutes in Organizing Your Day and Reap the Rewards

Do you ever feel that the day gets away from you? That you didn’t really accomplish all you had hoped for? That you know you were busy but you didn’t get to all of the important things? We’ve all been there, but what can you do about it? 

How-to Create and Follow Through on a Long-Term Goal

When given a task dubbed “long-term”, we very often forget about it until the last minute or do not manage our time wisely enough and end up scrambling when the deadline arrives. As someone who has procrastinated as much as anyone does, I understand the rush you get when you finish that project moments before […]

How to Leave Your Work at Work When You Go On Vacation

As much as we look forward to our vacations sometimes they can be stressful.  Not the vacation itself, but the week before and then the dreaded return from your well-deserved vacation.  The workload always seems to pick up the week before you leave.  Whether it’s a new project, an increase in normal day-to-day tasks or […]

Kick-Off Your Company’s Success Like a Football Team

I’m very excited to welcome football season back into our lives! In my opinion football is one of the best sports both athletically and intellectually. I think you can compare a NFL organization that constantly performs and executes at a high level, like the Patriots, to a well operating and performing company.