The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

When people think of employer branding on social media, they first refer to a company’s pages, the content they share, and the tone in which they communicate with followers. While definitely the main communication device for brands, a company’s page is just the surface of its employer branding on LinkedIn.

How Social Media Background Checks Affect Job Applications

Employers are now incorporating social media evaluations into their pre-employment background check processes to gauge whether a candidate is right for the position they are applying for. But what exactly do they look for and how does this affect your job applications?

Don’t Be a Punchline: Follow These Interview Tips

Don’t Be a Punchline: Follow These Interview Tips

If you are a hiring manager or a staffing professional you undoubtedly have some jaw-dropping stories about interviews you’ve been a part of. If you are a job seeker you may have stories of your own botched interviews, or may just not know how to interview properly. Here are a few tips to help you […]

How to Use the “New” LinkedIn Better


LinkedIn can be a great tool for networking, career searching, and business development. Recent changes to the user interface and layout have been confusing. Here are some tips to make your experience better. Fix Your Profile Picture First, have a picture! Potential customers and employers see the picture as a sign of professionalism. Present yourself […]

Networking 101: How to be Prepared for a Tradeshow or Event

Networking 101 How to Prepare for a Tradeshow or Event

Chances are you’ve attended a networking event at some point in your career. Whether it is a job fair, a tradeshow or conference, there’s nothing worse than leaving with no action items or new knowledge to pass along. As these events can be expensive, it’s important that you prepare yourself and go into it ready […]

How to Get a Job with a 30-Second Elevator Pitch

How to Get a Job with a 30 second Elevator Pitch

What’s an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is your 30-second commercial about your company/product/services/skills that you can share to introduce yourself and educate someone else about what you do. Having a good elevator pitch can help with your job search as another tool in your toolbox.