How to Work Hard & Play Hard in the New Year

Research shows that working hard to pursue achievements while making time for leisure is important for career success. Making a strong effort to pursue professional and personal interests each day means allowing enough time to work and relax. This lets you bring in enough income to support the lifestyle you want. Begin Your Day Earlier […]

Spring Cleaning – Purge the Clutter from Your Workspace

spring cleaning

In New England we’ve had a few 60 degree days, so it’s felt like spring recently.  I’m even seeing some flowers budding through the ground already – we’ll see if they make it. I know we’ll be reminded that it’s not quite spring yet, but it’s a good time to start the spring cleaning of […]

The Difference Between a Mission & Vision Statement

mission statement vision statement

An organization describes its objective and goals through a mission and vision statement. At The DAVIS Companies we recently created a focus group program. There are five focus groups each meeting to improve a certain area of our business. This is a voluntary program and involves all of our offices across all different departments. What […]

It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

It’s Spring Cleaning Time Both at Home and at Work

Spring time is here and we (New Englanders) hope warm weather is on its way! During the winter months it’s easy to fall into a type of “sluggish” routine.  We avoid going outside because it is just too cold to get all bundled up to run errands or go to the gym. Despite our recent […]

Invest 10 Minutes in Organizing Your Day and Reap the Rewards

Do you ever feel that the day gets away from you? That you didn’t really accomplish all you had hoped for? That you know you were busy but you didn’t get to all of the important things? We’ve all been there, but what can you do about it? 

5 Tips for Success When Working from Home

Advances in technology and mobile electronics have made working from home more and more common. Depending on your work situation some jobs can be performed within the walls of your home, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when working from home. It may be tempting to finish up the laundry, […]