How to Create a Career Map

No matter where you are in your career, you should always know what your ultimate career objective is, and creating a career map can help outline how you will get there. A career map outlines where you are in your career, where you ultimately want to go and the specific steps you could take to […]

Taking The Time To Say Thank You

taking-the time-to-say-thank-you

I recently hit my six year mark here at The DAVIS Companies. In six years I’ve grown personally and professionally, I’ve worked with different teams, bought a car…bought a house; started a family. Through all of this I’ve been happy to have the privilege to share these events with my DAVIS family. I’m sure you […]

Let’s Get Back to Work

lets get back to work - hard work

Disclaimer: What you’re about to read may depress you. My hope is that it rather serves as motivation to finish out your year in the strongest way possible.

Making Time for Your Passion Outside of Work

Making Time for Your Passion Outside of Work

Regardless of the type of job that you have, a majority of us often spend more time in the office then we do in our own homes. There’s nothing wrong with being a hard worker and putting in some extra hours, but it’s important to know that you still need to make time outside of […]

5 Tips to Keep Motivated & Productive in the Summer

5 Tips to Keep Motivated & Productive in the Summer

4th of July has come and gone! Last week was a heavy week of celebration and vacation, but we’re only just getting into the heart of the season. So how can you motivate yourself and stay productive in the summer? Here are a few ideas to keep yourself on track…

We are Spartan

Spartan Race

Pushing yourself mentally and physically. Working as a team. Shouting encouragement and being encouraged by strangers. Literally slogging thru the mud and streams, over tree roots and fallen branches.  This is how I spent the day on Saturday with a dozen of my co-workers.