The Top 3 Staffing & Recruiting KPI’s

Staffing KPI's

Key Performance Indicators that All Staffing Firms Need to Measure Here at DAVIS we are obsessed with our stats. They are part of our everyday conversation, competition and planning. Walking out of the building you know with certainty how you performed today, and what you need to do tomorrow to put yourself in the best […]

How to Make Big Data Work for You

In the business world, whether you are in a manufacturing or service environment, there are metrics and measurements that people watch to gauge how business is doing. Now you’ve probably heard the term “Big Data” being thrown around these days like it’s the greatest thing since Hot Pockets or sliced bread, and you’ve probably heard […]

Recruiting is More Than a Volume Game…

An inside look at DAVIS Recruiting… Here at DAVIS we measure everything from inbound and outbound phone calls to interview to fill quality ratios and fulfillment times… though not for the reasons you may think.  Our recruiters and sales reps are acutely aware of where they stand at any given time because the primary requirements […]