The Advantage: Building a Cohesive Leadership


I recently started reading “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni.  Lencioni discusses the necessary foundation, and building blocks to achieving a healthy organization. He talks about four major components to making organizational health part of the reader’s corporate environment: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team Create Clarity Over communicate Clarity Reinforce Clarity

The Importance of Continued Professional Training

Companies often invest a lot more time, money and energy in the professional development and training of new hires than established employees. According to Forbes “spending on corporate training grew by 15% (the highest growth rate in seven years) to over $70 billion in the U.S.” Yes, that’s right, billion with a “B.” It can […]

True Leadership Means Impacting Others

True Leadership Means Impacting Others

 “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” – John C. Maxwell All too often, in and outside of my organization, I hear people hoping…wishing…wanting to do more. More often than not, they don’t act but rather wait for someone to give them the green light (usually in the […]

The Best Way to Measure Employee Engagement: Feedback Tours

Companies and managers are constantly trying to improve employee engagement, but how do they measure the effectiveness of their activities? Some measure individual or team performance metrics. Some conduct anonymous surveys. In my opinion, both of these methods are very impersonal and don’t get to the root of engagement on deeper level. Enter, Feedback Tours.

Workplace Dynamics: The Multi-Generational “Dilemma”

Workplace Dynamics: The Multi-Generational “Dilemma"

Mom and Dad, the Forgotten Older Middle Child, the Whiny Hipster with a Trophy…. ​ Workplace dynamics are more complex than ever before! Or are they? There have always been 20 somethings working at companies alongside 50 somethings, so why does it feel like now in 2016 people are hypersensitive to the different generations in […]

5 Reasons Why Millennials Make Better Managers

5 Reasons Why Millennials Make Better Managers

What makes Gen Y better at managing and retaining their fellow Millennials? If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Millennials now make up the majority (>35%) of the American workforce. This number will only continue to grow over the next 15 years, and it’s anticipated that, by 2030, they will make up 75% of […]