Add Flexibility to Your Life in 2017

Add Flexibility to Your Life in 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase “New Year, New Me”, and at some point have made a resolution or set goals. A common theme in setting a resolution or a goal is to ultimately benefit us in some way. I suggest adding flexibility to your life, and here are some areas that you can do that.

Creativity and Why It’s No Longer Optional

It used to be that creativity was best saved for those “artsy” type people. You know who they are because they’re constantly talking about it. They tweet, post, and pin every time they doodle on a napkin, leaving the rest of us feeling like they have the market cornered. Not true my friend. Not only […]

Your Next Interview, It’s Not Just About You.

Often during interviews, candidates are asked questions about themselves. What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Who is your biggest role model and why? The list goes on. These types of questions naturally turn the focus of the candidate onto themselves, […]