Job Interview Checklist

So, you set up an interview for the job you want. Congratulations! Your next step is to prepare for the interview. This takes some time and planning. The more prepared you are for your interview, the more likely you are to advance in the hiring process. If you’re unsure where to start, the following tips […]

Join Us for a Job Interview Workshop – Interviewing is Scary

interviewing is scary workshop

Avoid Getting Spooked & Knock Your Interview Out of the Park The fear factor is real when it comes to interviewing for a job. It’s natural to feel anxiety – someone is about to scrutinize your appearance, mannerisms, what you say, and how you say it. But you can overcome your nerves! Join us on […]

3 Things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

3 things Hiring Managers Expect When They Interview

No matter what role or industry you are in, all hiring managers have 3 minimum expectations. If you are well-prepared, these are very easy. However, many candidates fall short in these critical areas. You know what is on your resume and are able to talk about it If you put something on your resume, be […]

Don’t Be a Punchline: Follow These Interview Tips

Don’t Be a Punchline: Follow These Interview Tips

If you are a hiring manager or a staffing professional you undoubtedly have some jaw-dropping stories about interviews you’ve been a part of. If you are a job seeker you may have stories of your own botched interviews, or may just not know how to interview properly. Here are a few tips to help you […]

How to Dress for a Job Interview [VIDEO]

Hello from Hollywood! I just finished my first video shoot here at DAVIS! The video, entitled How to Dress for a Job Interview, discusses the ever-so-important dos and don’ts of interviewing. Together my team and I had a lot of fun, filming mock scenarios of two different job seekers. How to dress and come prepared for […]