DAVIS At-A-Glance

DAVIS Infographic

Check out our new infographic-a quick visual representation of DAVIS. This infographic includes information about our awards- which we’re very proud of. Also,the skill sets we service and our areas of expertise. Share your thoughts and comments about this below!

Which Office Superhero Are You? [Infographic]

Every office has its own cast of characters, but it’s those whose skills compliment each other that run like a fine-tuned machine. These superheroes fly under the radar in broad daylight. A true office superhero embodies the spirit of hard work, productivity, and never looks for recognition. In fact, they often try to avoid the […]

6 Skills Gap Statistics that Continue to Impact Hiring [Infographic]

Skills Gap Statistics Infographic

It’s no secret that there is a skill shortage in our country, specifically in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields and middle-skill positions in manufacturing. In fact, over the next decade it’s expected that 3.5 million new manufacturing jobs need to be filled, but only 1.5 million people will have the skills necessary to […]