Communicating in a Global Pandemic

Although I find myself occasionally feeling like the life we are living, and the reality of our day to day is a new normal – we are still in the midst of a Global Pandemic. So how are HR Professionals managing to maintain any level of normalcy in this not so normal world?

Layoffs Are Hard For Everyone, 5 Tips to Make Them Go Smoothly

No one likes layoffs. The word layoff makes you cringe and worry about your own personal job security.  But for someone who just laid off over 5 dozen people, I wanted to share that the layoffs are hard for the person doing the layoff as well as those involved in making the decision to do […]

Unemployment – The Topic of the Hour/Day/Week/Month

As we are in the midst of these unprecedented and uncertain times, so many Americans have been thrown into further turmoil by having to navigate states’ unemployment systems that have not been set up to operate at the capacity that the sudden deluge of lay offs and terminations has dictated.  Many states are experiencing backlogs […]

Preregistration Process for H-1B Visa Program Opens March 1

  Preregistration Process for H-1B Visa Program Opens March 1, 2020 Employers petitioning for foreign professional workers subject to the H-1B cap are required to register electronically and pay a USD 10 registration fee per foreign national between March 1 and March 20, 2020 to be entered in the yearly draw.

Becoming an Intelligent HealthCare Consumer

As we speed in to the holiday season, this is also a very busy season for Open Enrollment for Benefits!  Many companies will be asking you to make elections about what healthcare coverage you would like for 2020.  Although Medical Coverage is something that is often in the news, especially with the upcoming 2020 elections, […]