What’s all the Squawk about Worker’s Comp ?

worker's comp

For those of us who work in staffing for the manufacturing industry, safety initiatives and worker’s comp insurance are of paramount concern.  Why?  What is the big deal about worker’s compensation? 

Why Politics Should Be Kept Out of the Office

With my first name being Hilary, you can imagine what my life has been like since Bill Clinton was in office.  Whenever I introduce myself to someone for the first time, including at the office, I inevitably hear the words “Oh, like Hillary Clinton”.  Yes, same name, different spelling.  I never get “Oh, like Hilary […]

How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

How to Prepare Your Team for Maternity Leave

You have just found out the good news, an addition to your family is on the way! Now it’s time to plan accordingly, and that means meeting with your boss and figuring out your maternity leave. Depending on your relationship with your boss this can be an exciting announcement or somewhat scary. Stepping out of […]

The Great 2016 Job Migration

A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that more than one-fifth, or 21% of employees plan to leave their current employers over the course of 2016. Besides salary, the top reasons for employees to consider a job move according to the survey results were Job Stability, Benefits, Location, Good Boss, and Good Work Culture. One-fifth of […]