Creating a Stellar Onboarding Experience

Creating a Stellar Onboarding Experience

My grandfather used to always tell us grandchildren, “When you meet someone you look them in the eye, smile, and give a firm handshake, because your first impression lasts a lifetime.” This isn’t much different when onboarding a new employee to your company. The candidate experience starts right with the application process and continues for […]

When On a Job Interview, Impress Everyone Who You Interact With

impress at a job interview

I vividly remember every successful (and unsuccessful) job interview I’ve ever been on. Some of the unsuccessful interviews were due to my own performance, and some were just not a good match between me and the company. However, in every successful interview, I’ve had great interactions with those besides my interviewers.

10 Things You Do At Work If You’re Awkward

If you work in an office you know that every work environment has its own cast of characters. Everyone has awkward moments, some just more regularly than others. Here are 10 things you do at work if you’re awkward.

How to Be Prepared for Your First Day of Work

This Tuesday’s blog is for all the folks who are fresh off the market and getting ready to start their new job. Congratulations, you did it! Your first day of work is always exciting, but it is also nerve-wracking. A person’s impression of you takes only 3 seconds based on a quick glance, so you […]