Making a Difference – It’s Why We Do What We Do at DAVIS

DAVIS experience

It started with an email. The wife of one of our employees at a customer site emailed the recruiter that placed him. It was more than just a “thank you” note.  This email went viral in our office and was shared with recruiters, sales teams, corporate staff, our executives and showcases why we do what […]

The Experience Conundrum: Potential Bear vs. the Purple Unicorn

We have all heard the line, “I can’t get experience if companies won’t hire me, and I can’t get hired without experience.” This challenge can be very frustrating for job seekers, especially those who know that they have the soft skills and motivation to learn the job in which they are applying for.

The Worst Career Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Anyone working in HR or recruiting probably has great stories and experiences they’ve encountered throughout their career.  Whether it involves employees or employers, there is very little that will surprise us.  But every now and again we hear something and we are dumbfounded! Just when we think we’ve seen it all, something will make us […]