Managing Millennials: 5 Ways to Do It Right

Millennials continue to make up more of the workforce. This means they also continue to transform work culture. Millennials exhibit characteristics and habits that differ from other generations. This means they need to be managed differently. Understanding millennials’ passions and motivations can help you reach this objective. Implement these five methods to manage your millennial […]

How to Foster an Inclusive Working Environment

Inclusivity is defined by how successfully you support your diverse workforce. You want to create an environment that welcomes and values each employee. This increases innovation, engagement, and productivity throughout your organization. As a result, your bottom line goes up. Implement any of the following methods to increase inclusivity at your company. Get Buy-In from […]

Boosting your Remote Team’s Morale & Engagement

Maintaining your team’s morale and engagement levels while working remotely can be challenging. You lack the face-to-face interactions at the office that let you know how your employees feel about work each day or the direction the company is taking. It also is hard to understand whether your staff members are absorbed in their tasks, […]

Make Sure to Celebrate the Small Wins

Make Sure to Celebrate the Small Wins

We’re in a society where many people expect positive recognition (a trophy) no matter the outcome, win or lose. By no means am I applying or agree with that. There are times when there needs to be negative criticism so people can improve and learn from what happened, or else nothing will change. On the […]

7 Genuine Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Research shows that feeling appreciated is one of the top  drivers of employee engagement. The good news is that showing appreciation doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Make your employees feel empowered by recognizing their efforts. Tell your team how great they are. And don’t just show it today– show it all year long! To […]