Robots Can Never Replace People and Here’s Proof 

Robots Can Never Replace People and Here's Proof 

Being replaced by robots or AI is a legitimate concern of today’s professionals, particularly in the manufacturing industry. While this means better productivity for the manufacturing industry, professionals feel robots are taking jobs away. Robots can never replace people. We say this point-blank because, in the end, humans will still be the masters of machinery. […]

Job Spotlight: What’s New in Data Science?

what's new in data science

The pandemic brought to the fore a slew of sweeping changes that companies need to do for them to survive. With industries having no choice but to modernize, they needed an anchor where all the latest technological innovations were to take shape. Enter data science.  You may have heard of terms such as “big data,” […]

How Contract Work Helps You Build Experience and Skills

Are contract jobs worth it?   The ever-changing work landscape in the Great Resignation era has forced many job seekers to rethink what they want out of work. As a result, many factors now play a vital role in how employees choose jobs. These factors may not have been held in such high priority before the […]

What Should You Look for in Your First Engineering Job?

If you are a recent graduate with an engineering degree, congratulations! Your hard work and dedication are setting the foundation for a fulfilling career. As you begin your job search, you may be uncertain about what you should be looking for. The number of available opportunities can make it difficult to narrow down your options. […]

Interested in a Career in Engineering? Consider these In-Demand Fields

Male Mechanical Engineer and Female Chief Engineer

If you’re considering a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you need to choose what engineering specialty you want to pursue. With the variety of career options available, it can be difficult to choose which path to take. Learning more about fields with high demand may help you make a decision. When the time is right, be […]

5 Steps to Help You Fall in Love with Your Job All Over Again

It’s the season of love! But maybe you’re not feeling so hot about your current position. It’s common to fall in and out of love with your job as your career progresses. Like any relationship, you may be excited at the beginning. Over time, things can get monotonous. This is why you need to bring […]