The 5 P’s for Interview Success

5 P's for Interview Success

You have probably read one of the many articles on how to have a good job interview experience. What should you do, and what should you NOT do? If you are on the candidate side of this interaction try following the 5 P’s for interview success.

How to Find a Genuine Candidate

How to Find a Genuine Candidate

When I say “genuine”, I don’t necessarily mean a kind, charity-giving, family person. Although those qualities are great, what I mean is authentic and honest. Recruiters speak to multiple candidates every day, so finding the ones that truly mean what they say (or what their resumes say) can be a challenge. Often recruiters face the […]

The Importance of Selling the Job When Recruiting

The Importance of Selling the Job When Recruiting

In this candidate-driven market, if you are not ready to sell your job, you will lose the talent! Candidates are often entertaining several opportunities and current employers are doing everything it takes to retain good people. So how can you make your company, team, and position stand out?

Making a Difference – It’s Why We Do What We Do at DAVIS

DAVIS experience

It started with an email. The wife of one of our employees at a customer site emailed the recruiter that placed him. It was more than just a “thank you” note.  This email went viral in our office and was shared with recruiters, sales teams, corporate staff, our executives and showcases why we do what […]

Hey Recruiters – Where Are My Resumes?

where are my resumes

We’ve heard it before and we will hear it again; those 4 little words that cut deep for any recruiter: Where are my resumes? Whether they are coming from a hiring manager or your internal account manager, coming face to face with the infamous “where are my resumes” question is never easy and answering it […]

An Investment in Technology is an Investment in Yourself and Your Employees

In today’s competitive job market, employers and candidates are looking to stay at the forefront of technology. Whether you are a PHP developer, Mechanical Engineer, or Web Developer, working with the latest technology will keep you marketable to the top companies. If you are a company, you also need to pay attention and invest in […]