Why Companies Should Invest in Reskilling and Upskilling Employees

reskilling and upskilling employees

Upskilling is the act of giving a person, often an employee, further opportunities to better their current professional skill set. Reskilling, on the other hand, is training an individual to take on a new yet related skill to fulfill a new responsibility. While upskilling and reskilling may have different purposes, they are effective ways to […]

Nailing Down your Hiring Needs for 2022

The mass exodus of employees in virtually all industries likely is impacting your company. Unfortunately, the struggle to hire talent is likely to continue throughout 2022. This is why you should be thinking about your organization’s hiring needs now. The sooner you create and implement a hiring plan, the sooner your job openings can be […]

The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

When people think of employer branding on social media, they first refer to a company’s pages, the content they share, and the tone in which they communicate with followers. While definitely the main communication device for brands, a company’s page is just the surface of its employer branding on LinkedIn.