5 Behaviors to Avoid When Joining a New Company

5 Behaviors to Avoid When Joining a New Company

If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, chances are you’ve worked for at least two different companies. While the excitement of starting a new job is great, it’s important to get a strong start by making a good first impression with your coworkers. Here are 5 behaviors to avoid when joining a new […]

Communication Tips I Learned from Behavioral Research

We’ve all noticed that different people have different communication styles. Some people communicate with more emotion, others are more analytical and data-driven. You may find people who explain things systematically and others that skip over details and get right to the point. In the workplace it’s key to understand that there are different communication styles […]

10 Things You Do At Work If You’re Awkward

If you work in an office you know that every work environment has its own cast of characters. Everyone has awkward moments, some just more regularly than others. Here are 10 things you do at work if you’re awkward.