Starting New Office Holiday Traditions

Starting New Office Holiday Traditions

holiday collageTis the season for all things green and red and covered with garland. The office is decorated, the building looks beautiful and everyone is in a festive spirit. Everyone has their own holiday traditions, even offices.  But keep an open mind to starting new traditions.

During the holidays, we’ve always adopted less fortunate families and provided gifts, had an ugly sweater party and even done a Yankee Swap.  But this year we wanted to add a new event-Santa and decorating cookies with our employee’s families and their children.  Would people come? Who would be Santa? How many cookies do we need?

We worked thru the details, we over ordered cookies-could you ever really have too many? We recruited a Santa and our team of employees was excited to bring their families and participate. We had grandparents and grandchildren, we had nieces and nephews and lots and lots of kids and parents.  And even those of us whose kids were grown and working came and had a great time meeting everyone and of course eating and decorating cookies.

It was a success. Kids and parents took pictures with Santa, toddlers to teens decorated and enjoyed cookies. Kids played together and connected, ran around the office and explored.  A joy to watch these connections happen. A great time was had by all. And a new tradition was born.  And since we have a handful of expectant parents we already know next year’s event will be bigger and better!

Starting a new tradition can be tough-a lot of new details to sort thru, will it catch on, will you get the participation needed? Take a chance, and start a new holiday tradition.

Enjoy this collage of some of our attendees…and tell us about some of your office holiday traditions.