Start Your New Year Fresh With a New Career

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Start Your New Year Fresh With a New Career

Start Your New Year Fresh With a New Career

Well, we just made it through the presidential election and we’re about to enter 2017. I’m sure most of us have stopped to wonder…..What’s next? New gym memberships, eating less junk food, quit smoking, maybe finally deciding to make a career change?

Making a career move can be a big change. Set a clear end goal for yourself; where do you want to be? Ask yourself the important questions. Make sure that these top 5 things align with your goals.

Personal Development: Do both the company and the position impact you in a positive way?

Professional Development: How does this opportunity add growth to you professionally? Is it a chance to learn new technology or maybe taking on a leadership capacity?

Location: Think about location. Look at the bird’s eye view, but also take test runs during estimated work hours. A reasonable commute plays a big factor in most decisions on job offers.

Compensation: Looking at an hourly number or salary figure isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. The benefits/insurance, bonus’ offered, and vacation time may be deciding factors. Take the full offer into consideration before making that final decision.

Family Values: If you value your family, don’t you want to work for a company that also values family?

Keep these 5 things in mind in 2017 while making your next career move.