Spring into Success with these Job Hunt Tips!

Spring into Success with these Job Hunt Tips!

spring into success jobKnowing that the official arrival of spring is only two days away is thrilling!  Here in New England, we suffered through literally the worst winter ever – the most snowfall in a single season with 108.6 inches. Folks, that is over nine feet of snow…nine feet! For those who love skiing, perhaps it was an awesome season.  But for the rest of us who lived through this wicked winter, spring is a welcome change to say the least!

Just as we are coming out of our winter-long hibernation, so is the job market.  With spring comes change and renewal, and as such, people are looking for new jobs and companies are hiring like crazy!  Right now we have a plethora of open positions in all disciplines from engineers and manufacturing technicians to administrative assistants and sales roles.  For anyone out there looking for work, this is your time to shine!

Here are some tips to make your spring job hunt the best and most successful one yet.

  • Now is the time to spruce up your resume.  Take some time to think about your accomplishments over the last year and add them to your resume.  Did you take an online class or a seminar that’s relevant to your job search?  Have you learned a new skill at your job that’s worth mentioning to prospective employers? Put it on your resume.
  • Go shopping for some new threads.  Who doesn’t enjoy shopping for new spring clothes?  You can’t show up for your big interview wearing a tired, old suit from the 90’s.  Hit up the mall or some discount retail stores and use your tax return to pick up a new interviewing outfit that’s classy but updated.
  • Make some new connections on LinkedIn.  Network, network, network!  People love making connections whether it’s online or in person.  Take a few minutes each day to send out connection invites to people in industries, positions, or companies that you want to work in.  You’d be surprised how far a personalized message to a potential employer goes – I know it certainly has grabbed my attention over the years.

For us hearty Bostonians, spring is thankfully only a few days away.  The prospect of a whole new season, one much warmer and sunnier than the last, is inspiring.  Use that inspiration to land the job you have always dreamed of!

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