Sparking Your Team for the 4th Quarter!

Sparking Your Team for the 4th Quarter!

spark It’s that time of year again! The holidays are right around the corner, hours of daylight are getting shorter, and the work keeps piling up. With all the distractions it can be easy to lose focus. Q4 is difference making time, the difference between have a great year, an alright year, or a failure. Rally the team and have a strong 4th Quarter.

Start the day with energy:

When your team arrives in the morning, bring the energy. Sometimes it’s a simple as saying hello when people walk in the door. Playing music loudly in the office can also help set the mood and drive the positive vibes in the office. Get the coffee flowing and starting the day with some liveliness will help drive results.

Pick a push day

Pick one day a week to set high goals and have your team share results. At DAVIS our day is Tuesday, “Target Tuesday” that is. We set a goal in the morning and work as a team to beat the goal. Anytime someone accomplishes their part, a company-wide email goes out. Whether you are manufacturing parts, writing sections of code, designing components in CAD, scheduling interviews, or closing deals, having a team goal in place increases comradery, drives pressure to contribute, but keeps it fun and celebrates success.

Team-based weekly goals

On Monday, talk about what your team can accomplish in the week. Write your goal in a place where the team constantly can see and constantly talk about progress. Pick a celebration, maybe a team lunch or Friday afternoon drinks!

Make a new hire

The position you have been waiting to hire all year… now is the time! Getting a strong new team member in the door can spark energy in the team. Bringing someone in who is eager to prove themselves can motivate other team members to work harder. Plus if you don’t hire now, imagine trying to interview when the holidays start in December. Your new hire wouldn’t start until mid-January!

Getting a great effort out of your team now, will make the holidays more restful. You can come into 2016 feeling refreshed knowing how successful you ended 2015.

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