What is a Sourcer? And, why they rock!

What is a Sourcer? And, why they rock!

sourcerThere are more opportunities in Recruiting other than just recruitment and sales. There are account managers, on-site representatives for larger volumes clients and sourcers.

A recruitment sourcer assists the Recruiter and Sales team in finding candidates both active and passive in a database, on job boards and LinkedIn. They search through resumes to find the best-fit candidates for jobs, and then supply the information to the recruiter. This person most likely is very detail orientated, patient and has an itch to investigate and research. The sourcer is a key player in the recruitment process assisting the recruiter, account manager and the sales team.

This person uses a tactic called Boolean. Boolean is a search technique in the recruitment industry. The search technique pulls keywords from a resume helping narrow down a search only to the best-fit candidates for a job. The sourcer then gathers a dozen resumes for the recruiter to review, then call and pitch the job.

Why Sourcers Rock?!

1. They become masters at Boolean and searching for candidates. Boolean is not an easy task to master, so the more time dedicated to Boolean search the better they will become at using it.

2. Organization. Sourcers help organize lists, tags, jobs, and notes which allows for no time to be wasted.

3. Speed. A sourcer helps get candidates over to the client in a short amount of time.

4. Alleviate responsibility so that the recruiter can take care of the day-to-day recruitment tasks and its employees.

Having a sourcer is a new process for The DAVIS Companies but is used by many different recruitment/staffing firms. A lot of people don’t realize there is more to recruitment than just the recruiters and sales representatives. With there being so many steps in the process of the recruitment cycle, having a designated person to each step calls for better communication, efficiency and effectiveness.

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