Social Distancing: Week 1

Social Distancing: Week 1

A Week At Home (1)

It’s amazing what a week can do.

I’m not going to lie, this time last week felt much more uneasy. Life was changing rapidly and as someone who likes to get up, workout, get dressed and head to work, my routine for the last two years was over…or so I thought.

I’m fortunate to have mentors and follow influencers to help me shape my mindset to be positive and look at this time of uncertainty as a new opportunity. This time is a chance to work on things or do things I normally don’t have “time” for.

So, Monday and Tuesday didn’t go so hot. I struggled to get used to working from home. But I started to sit back, enjoy and be grateful for what I had going, rather than longing for life before Coronavirus.  I am grateful that I can work from home.  I know that my business will certainly wobble but we have the leadership to get through this time and come out the other side stronger and closer.  More importantly, I’m grateful that my family is healthy.

I’ve spent more time with my children while working full time than ever before.  Seeing them during breaks throughout the day and avoiding any commute whatsoever is newfound time!  I’m been walking my dog daily (he’s confused and tired!), and I’ve moved my workouts to midday when the boys can play outside while I find a way to sweat! And guess what…I’m grateful for all of that, too!

This momentum carried into the weekend, where I did things I talk about, but never do. I finally purged the closet to donate clothes and deep cleaned the house.  We did the spring cleaning in the yard to prep for warmer weather. I even read a book! Amazing when you aren’t rushing from one thing to another what happens and what you can make time to do.

So, in summary, I’m doing my part. We’re physically distancing and isolating, but we’re refusing to spend too much time asking why? Or what’s next? Or what’s going to happen?

Our routines have changed, but I’m taking advantage of this new opportunity. Try it, I promise it feels good…then pass it on!

Seems like we are only a week into this “new normal” maybe I’ll keep sharing what’s going on as a way to try new things, perhaps, a bloggy beers and careers.