Slump Buster – 6 Ways to Break Out When You’re In a Slump at Work

Slump Buster – 6 Ways to Break Out When You’re In a Slump at Work

slump“A fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising” – This is how the dictionary defines a “Rut.”

We have all been there in our lives; the days drag, the wins just aren’t coming; and it seems like it’s never going to end. When you’re in a rut at work, it’s hard to get out. The boss is on your case, you dread waking up in the morning, and success feels like it’s never going to show up again.

When this happens, you can either keep doing what you’re doing and – who knows – you might eventually break the streak; OR you can get back to basics and dig yourself out.

1.  “You’ve got to work hard at some point, it might as well be now.” – Bryan Cohen

When you’re in a slump, it’s time to pack the lunch pale and hard hat and get to work. In sales and recruiting, it’s making more phone calls and having more conversations. Get back to basics; it’s cliché but true.

2.  Focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses.

When you’re firing on all cylinders and having success, you can afford to work on the parts of your game or job that you aren’t as strong in. When you’re in a slump – forget about that. Be yourself; do what you do best. If you take care of the core elements of your job the other things will come together.

3.  Change your routine.

Do I have to state the quote of the definition of insanity? How you’re doing things right now isn’t working, so change it. In every job, we fall into a routine. When things are going great the routine seems to click. But when things aren’t going great – try your routine backwards, or switching up times you do certain things.

4.  Change your environment.

We all see the new-age work hipsters that sit on their exercise ball instead of a chair, or stand at their desks. I know what you’re thinking, but changing up how you’re working might give you a breath of fresh air. Throw up some pictures of a vacation spot, or of a car, or something you could buy with some extra money. Do you want to postpone that trip to Vegas another 6 months? I know I don’t.

5.  Go to your happy place.

Your happy place may or may not look like Happy Gilmore’s, but go back to a time where everything was clicking at work. You were happy, making extra money, and the days flew by. Think about some of the things you were doing then that made you successful – and try to incorporate them into what you do on a daily basis now.

6.  Focus on your Slump Buster.

When it rains it pours, once you pop you can’t stop, etc. Once you get that first positive outcome, the rest will start coming. Focus on setting goals to attain ONE win for yourself at work. Once you have achieved that, the next will follow.

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