References 101: The Key to a Successful Reference Call

References 101: The Key to a Successful Reference Call

References 101

References are a very important part in the job-search process. Most companies spend time diving into a candidate’s background before making them an offer. For this reason and many more, it is extremely important to pick your references carefully. Here are a few tips to help you choose your references.

Always Give Your References a Heads Up

More often than not, people feel uncomfortable confronting their potential references. Letting your reference know that they could be contacted in the near future allows them to prepare for the conversation and have all of their talking points at hand.

Give Your Reference a Cheat Sheet

It is really important to give your references your most current resume. By doing this, your references will have a list of your key accomplishments, skills and past jobs directly in front of them. We all have had that moment where we remember something after we finish the conversation. By giving them your resume, you will not have to worry about what they could forget– after all, that one piece of information could be the deal breaker between you and another candidate!

Educate Your References on What Type of Job You Are Seeking

Most jobs you apply to have a job description along with expectations and key responsibilities. By providing this information, your references will be able to tailor their responses to speak to your strengths that apply to the particular job you are interviewing for.

Choose Your References Wisely

A reference call gives the recruiter the opportunity to clear up any concerns they may have about a candidate. If your reference gives you a bad review, there is a good chance this could cost you the job. Turning to your boss is not the only option – references can be peers you worked with or clients from a past job.

Be Prepared to Provide References

A lot of companies will ask you to bring a list of your professional references at the time of the interview. It is important to have this information with you whether they ask you to bring it or not. You always want to look prepared when it comes to your interview. First impressions are the most important impressions so always try to be prepared!

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