Recruiting for Long term Growth: What Is Top Talent?

Recruiting for Long term Growth: What Is Top Talent?

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Staffing and recruiting firms pride themselves as being able to deliver top (elite, leading, exclusive, etc.) talent for your organization. But what exactly is top talent? How does your company define top talent and what it is you need in your next hire? I discussed this topic in an interview with two staffing executives, and below are some of their insights.

The overwhelming theme of our conversation was that “value” is the #1 key distinction of top talent. That value comes in a number of forms, but the new employee will contribute to organizational success, culture and growth. Value means what they’re going to bring to the table. Tangible skills are a given, but the intangibles are what really drive value.

What to expect from top talent:

  • Revenue, profitability
  • Innovation
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Thought leadership

As value comes in both concrete and subtle forms, it is crucial to define what you need from an individual before hiring. Simply matching technical skills to a position will not deliver the talent you need to drive your organization forward. Be sure to ask the right questions to determine how a person will fit into your department and company as a whole. Ensure the right people are involved in the hiring process and be aware of your on-boarding process to set the right tone for a quality new hire.

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