Recruiting in a Pandemic

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Recruiting in a Pandemic

Copy of 3 Major Changes to Your Talent Landscape Priorities

As many globally are adjusted, or still adjusting, to working remotely there is a new sense of “normal” floating through the virtual office environment. Sitting at my new desk (thank you Target!) I’ve been reflecting on all the changes that have occurred in the last 6-8 weeks, especially in the recruiting realm. For us, it’s been business as usual. However, there has definitely been a shift on HOW we operate as recruiters and move the needle for both our businesses and candidates.

With the pandemic has unfortunately come many layoffs, furloughs, companies shutting down, or putting their hiring needs on hold. This means many candidates in the market looking for new opportunities but more of a shortage of where we can place them. For recruiters, our candidates are our main priority – we want them to know they’re in good hands and help them transition into their next career move as quickly as possible. With the influx of candidates looking, we are trying to make sure we can balance the volume and give every candidate the attention they deserve.

Similarly to prioritizing our candidates, we also want to continue to be a resource for our clients and provide the staffing expertise they are looking for. There is this mix of clients that are ‘essential’ and full steam ahead with hiring, and others that are in limbo on when or at what capacity they can hire. This is made both parties grow a tremendous level of patience and understanding of how we can better help. An example being, we are ensuring that our clients with positions on hold have a pipeline of candidates waiting to interview when they do open up for hiring. As for the clients that are deemed essential and have a volume of various openings, we are prioritizing their needs to fulfill the open roles.

Regardless of the specific situation, our responsibilities of being a recruiter have not shifted. Our clients and candidates are our top priority for customer satisfaction. We have adjusted to being out of the office, but thankfully we can still get in touch with our customers in the same ways – actually it’s been easier to get in touch with candidates! With most working from home and having a little more flexibility, being in contact and scheduling interviews has been far easier than prior.

That being said, to know that our industry and job as recruiters is still, if not more, important during a time of an unprecedented pandemic is an excellent feeling. We continue to be a top staffing resource for many clients and candidates and are looking forward to when more organizations can move forward with hiring at a “normal” pace!

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