Recruiting as a Career Path

Recruiting as a Career Path

Let’s face it, no one goes to school and graduates with a degree in staffing. Indeed, some people graduate from college and have no idea what staffing is or that it is a profession. Well, let me set the record straight: Staffing…Recruiting…Consulting…however you want to put it…it is a viable career path. In truth, I feel they are mostly underexplored, particularly in today’s tight job market.

Take a recent college graduate for example. Let’s say that graduate has a degree in finance but four years of intense study on the subject has left them burnt out and unwilling to enter the world of finance on a full-time basis. Or perhaps, after four years of study, they realize it’s not really what they are looking to do after all and are looking elsewhere for career options. The world of financial staffing awaits where you still have the ability to take the knowledge gained and apply it on a daily basis, but in a much different (and often times more fulfilling) way.

This example can obviously be applied to any industry: engineering, technology, legal, marketing…the list can go on. The underlying point here is that not many people graduate college with a goal of getting involved in staffing. It is, however, a highly rewarding career in which (given the right environment and opportunity) one can thrive on many different levels.
It’s obviously not all glitz and glamour. Let’s face it, not many jobs are, particularly when just starting your career. But if you enjoy interacting with people while helping them achieve career goals (and in turn achieving yours), than I urge you to consider a career in staffing. No day is ever the same and the satisfaction gained from placing someone in a job is truly something special. And, there are so many different types of staffing these days it’s almost impossible to not find a niche for yourself.

Do you like high volume, transactional, somewhat hectic day-to-day work? Then temporary or contract to hire staffing is for you. Do you prefer lower volume, one-deal-at-a-time business? Then permanent or direct-hire staffing is what you are looking for. And, as mentioned earlier, depending on what you studied in school, you may be an expert in your niche before you even learn the basics of staffing.

Is a career in recruiting worth exploring for you or anyone you know?

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