A Recruiter & Candidate Success Story

A Recruiter & Candidate Success Story

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Senior Recruiter, Rhonda poses with her grateful candidate!

How a Long-term Recruiter-Candidate Relationship Can Pay Off

Last Friday I received an email from Senior Recruiter, Rhonda, who works in our Lawrenceville, GA office. The subject was simply, “recruiter appreciation :-)”. Upon reading her email I knew the story was too good to not share. Her email is pasted below…

I wanted to share a picture. I have a candidate that worked with me for about a year, and I kept her working on multiple short term assignments. She worked everything from warehouse to production and administrative job assignments. All this time, she never gave up on me helping her find a job. She must have interviewed at 6 different temp-to-hire positions before I was able to get her an interview as a data entry clerk at Accuity. She got the job! She is now permanent with the company and she is so happy!!! She just came in to the office to deliver an Edible Arrangement to me. It makes you feel so good to know you have helped someone find a great career opportunity:-) Just thought I would share!!!

The best part about this story is that it happens ALL THE TIME here at DAVIS. There’s really nothing more rewarding than finding someone a job that they love, and our recruiters get just as excited as our candidates when a match is found.

If there’s any lesson to take from Rhonda’s story, it’s to think of the relationship with your recruiter as a partnership for the future. You never know when that next great opportunity is going to come about!

Have you had a similar experience with a great recruiter or candidate? Tell us below.