Recognizing When People Take the Initiative

Recognizing When People Take the Initiative

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As an employer, you hope people will take the initiative. You want people to be proactive, see an opportunity and come up with a solution. Here at DAVIS, we strive to foster an environment that allows people to jump in and take the initiative and we also focus on recognizing and celebrating that behavior when it happens.

We use the acronym ROCI-Relationships, Opportunity, Commitment and Integrity-and we focus on recognizing moments when our teams embody these values and we call them a ROCI moment.

This is a video we shared at our quarterly Town Hall meeting, to showcase the power of one person thinking outside of their day to day responsibilities. He saw an opportunity to optimize our performance and created a tool that could help his co-workers work smarter and more efficiently. And there were folks around him who recognized the effort and shared it and took the time to make this video to thank him.

Share your companies core values, see them in action and recognize the effort and share the story. And it will repeat itself. Thanks to Jon for telling the story and way to go Tim!

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