Quality Relationships with Candidates is Key

Quality Relationships with Candidates is Key

As a job seekrelationshipser, working with a recruiter can be a new and unfamiliar experience. Developing quality relationships is key to a successful job search in today’s market. I wanted to share a perfect example of how this recently worked out positively for me and one of my candidates.

I recently had the experience of working with a professional who was very confident in his skill set and easy to get along with. I spoke with this candidate once or twice a week on an ongoing basis. We immediately connected on our mutual passion for the sport of hockey, allowing for a much more personable relationship, rather than just pure business. Sometimes, getting to know someone’s hobbies, a little bit about their family and what their interests are can add to the quality of the recruiter-candidate rapport by building a sense of trust. Putting in the extra effort to get to know this candidate and vice versa helped our relationship to have a mutual benefit in the end. After all, recruiters and job seekers all want the same thing.

The benefit of our relationship came when he was ready to make a serious career move. He relied on me to find him the perfect fit throughout this transition from one organization to another. Having already established a thorough understanding of his goals, combined with his trust in me as a recruiter, it wasn’t difficult to find him the right opportunity in his trade. Additionally, since the candidate had such a positive experience working with The DAVIS Companies, he wanted to return the favor by selling our services to his new employer.

So don’t underestimate the power of building quality relationships. Not only will your customers be satisfied by your service, but in turn it may result in future business for your company.

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