Quality Is the Only Thing That Matters To Your Customers

Quality Is the Only Thing That Matters To Your Customers

Quality Is the Only Thing That Matters

“Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver.” – Steve Jobs

In a numbers-driven world, it can be easy to focus on quantity and forget about quality; however quality is the only thing that matters to your customers. Customers quickly notice and react to quality. If you are suburb and consistent, you create a champion, if you fail, you lose a customer quickly.

Quality is important across all industries and needs to come from the top down, as it will ultimately determine the success or failure of your company.

Do you have quality standards?

As an ISO certified staffing firm, standards and consistency are a critical part of our approach. When a customer comes to you, can they expect the same product every time? Imagine ordering coffee… if your coffee comes out differently every day, too strong, too watery, too much sugar, or too much cream. Eventually, you will pick a new place to buy your coffee.

Quality standards are essential to maintain a relationship with your customer. If you can’t deliver a quality product or service, they’ll look elsewhere.

Measure your results

For the last 3 years in a row we have won the Inavero’s Best of Staffing Award for both Client & Talent Satisfaction – a feat that less than 2% of staffing firms in North America achieve. We view this as a testament to our quality.

Internally, we share our quality and performance ratios with all employees so we can constantly raise the bar. Set your key quality metrics and live by them.

Do your employees believe in quality?

It can be one thing to talk about it, but if your employees are not committed to maintaining strong quality, you have the wrong team.

I recently heard a story about a sales rep that spent his week making over 100 calls to the same 3 phony numbers. He cared only about the quantity of dials, with complete disregard for the end result. Clearly not a fit in a quality-driven culture, he was immediately shown the door.

Be ruthless about your quality and identify new hires that share in your philosophy. You can’t afford to have a person in the company that will take shortcuts and cause your customers to suffer.

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