Prove it! Your first 90 days

Prove it! Your first 90 days

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90 days. If you are about to start a new job the first 90 days on the job are critical. This is the time you are expected to learn, ask questions, and begin to perform.  These first 3 months are also the time you are being closely monitored, observed, judged, and questioned.

Whether your new company has a formal 90 day probationary period, a contract-to-hire arrangement, or no policy at all, you are expected to PROVE IT! Your new co-workers want to see validation they chose correctly making you an offer, your new boss wants to be sure you have what it takes, and you better be on the game.

These 5 tips below are essential to start off on the right foot:

  1. Get to work! Being the new person, your time in the office is critical towards making a good impression. If you are the last one in the door or the first one to leave, your new co-workers will judge you and question your work-ethic. You need to push yourself. Hitting metrics, getting up to speed, and learning everything you can are absolutely essential. This is your try out!
  2. Socialize with new co-workers around your desk, by the coffee machine, and in the halls. Enjoying the time with your new team will make the transition smoother.  Making friends and strong professional relationships will minimize your time as the “new guy/girl”. Take the time to go to lunch with the group and attend any company social events.
  3. Ask Questions! Ask everyone and anyone. Identify who your key mentors will be and lean on them for help.  Your team will want you to get up to speed. Be sure to ask smart questions and not to ask the same question too many times. Showing you do not pay attention or do not learn fast is a quick way to ruin the impression, annoy your co-workers, and cast doubt on your abilities to last.
  4. Don’t wait around! Show you can take initiative and figure out the ropes for yourself. Your new team cannot afford to hold your hand all day and tell you what to do. Being a self-sufficient contributor will show your boss you “get it”. One way to speed this up is to talk about goals and expectations early on. From day one, work with your boss to put goals into place. This will show them you are motivated and help you to stay focused.
  5. Be Patient! Transitions take time to settle in. The change to your routine, work, and life can be overwhelming, but it is important to give the new position and company a chance. If after 90 days, you still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, address the situation with your boss, suggest resolutions, and keep it professional.

The first 90 days say a lot about your future with the company. Make the most of this time and remember, you have to prove yourself!

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