Proud to Support a Great Cause-Be Bold Be Bald

Proud to Support a Great Cause-Be Bold Be Bald

Proud to Support a Great Cause-Be Bold Be Bald

I’m lucky-no one in my immediate family has had to battle cancer-or any other life threatening illness. But a few years ago I heard the story that started the Be Bold Be Bald movement. The story, like many cancer stories, touched me and unfortunately had a sad ending. But from sadness came this movement of support and recognition for the hardship that cancer patients go through.

By wearing a bald cap and showing support to those battling cancer has been a very rewarding experience. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to lose my hair. But wearing a bald cap and tucking my thick, curly-ish dark hair into this cap was a challenge. Your hair is a big part of how you see yourself-you have good hair days and bad hair days and they can cause you to have good days and bad days. Think about the amount of time you spend “doing” your hair-long or short, men or women, product or no product, curly or straight, colored or natural.

By wearing this bald cap with my coworkers (Click for photos), showing solidarity and support to those battling cancer-successfully or unfortunately not successfully-felt like a small glimpse into what these courageous fighters are going thru during their battle, their fight, against this evil disease.

I’m proud to say that this was the 3rd year in a row our entire company has supported and shared this organizations movement!

I’ve already got the date on my calendar for next year’s event, Friday October 20, 2017. I hope you’ll join the movement.  Visit for more information about the movement.

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