Preregistration Process for H-1B Visa Program Opens March 1

Preregistration Process for H-1B Visa Program Opens March 1

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Preregistration Process for H-1B Visa Program Opens March 1, 2020

Employers petitioning for foreign professional workers subject to the H-1B cap are required to register electronically and pay a USD 10 registration fee per foreign national between March 1 and March 20, 2020 to be entered in the yearly draw.

To register online during this 20-day period, petitioning employers will need to provide basic information about the company as well as each foreign national they intend to sponsor. After the registration period closes, USCIS will conduct a randomized lottery from the electronic registration pool and send approximately 85,000 selection notices to successful registrants. Only those employers selected in the lottery will then be able to file complete H-1B petitions—including the requisite Department of Labor certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) and government filing fees—to USCIS for adjudication within 90 days of case selection.

USCIS plans to provide “step-by-step instructions” on its website regarding how to complete the registration process along with key dates and timelines as the initial registration period approaches.

As the 2020 filing window approaches, veterans of the H-1B process are already getting their documentation in order so that they don’t miss the filing date on April 1st. Because the filing period is so short, you too want to be prepared so that you can get ahead of the competition. With the new changes to the H-1B rules this season, it is more important than ever to be aware of what you need to do to get this competitive visa.

If you have any additional questions regarding the H-1B visa process or need H-1B filing tips please don’t hesitate to contact DAVIS Companies.


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