Episode 34

With guest speaker Quinton Porter

Episode 34

Quinton Porter

Former NFL Quarterback turned MarTech, Data, and Digital Activation Business Executive
Enjoy this great conversation we had with this former NFL quarterback. He shared great stories from his time at BC with Matt Ryan, playing in the CFL and his first job working in the daycare center of a local gym-but didn’t change diapers there. He talks about overcoming injuries and what it was like playing football in stadiums that had more people in them than his hometown. He shares his focus on self-reflection and how working for free for a private equity firm led to his focus and commitment to helping start-ups grow. He lays out 3 pieces of advice that people at all stages in their career can use.

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Check out his current company here
Check out this awesome interview with Quinton From Athlete To Entrepreneur: Former NFL Pro Quinton Porter On The 5 Work Ethic Lessons We Can Learn From Athletes

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