Episode 15

With guest speaker Lynn Turner

Episode 15

Lynn Turner

Business Growth Strategist: Learn about Lynn’s “Non-Lynn-ier” career path that zigged and zagged over the years … from her medical focus in college to becoming a branding specialist working with the NBA and Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes to how she started her own business while pregnant and how that didn’t work out. These various experiences along with following her mantra “Be aware of opportunities, they come in different shapes and forms” led her to starting a Leadership Coaching business and radio show that showcased others in her profession and why she didn’t think of them as competition. Lynn has never been afraid of reinventing herself and trying new things and it has paid off.

Working is part of her DNA and she has trusted her gut to make decisions over the years. Today, she along with her business partner help others make important decisions for their lives and businesses through the use of their decision-making framework. Enjoy our conversation with Business Growth Strategist, Lynn Turner.

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