Phone Interviewing Tips When Working From Home

Phone Interviewing Tips When Working From Home

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Good news! The job you applied for likes your background! They want to do a phone interview to start the process, seems easy enough, right? The answer should be yes, but if you are not prepared, the phone interview can go horribly wrong and take you right out of the running.

All you have to do is follow these tips and the phone interview will be a breeze!

1: Research! Learn everything you can about the company and the position. A hiring manager’s first question is often: “What do you know about our company?”

2: Learn about your interviewer. Find their profile on LinkedIn. Knowing about the person on the other end of the phone will help you have more confidence.

3: Make a list of questions. Preparing some thoughtful questions in advance will help you to keep the conversation flowing.

4: Prepare like you are going in for a face-to-face. Get dressed. This may seem simple enough, but wear professional clothes. Get into the interview mindset! If you are in pajamas, you may not be in the game subconsciously. Look good, feel good!

5: Find a quiet place. Turn off any noises on your phone that could be a distraction. Find a place where you can focus without distractions from the kids, pets, or traffic.

6: Have your materials in front of you. Have the job description, your questions, your resume, and a notebook readily available so you can quickly answer.

7:  Relax! You are prepared for the call. Take a deep breath, get a drink of water in front of you, and be ready to answer the call.

8: Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t rush. Take a second to gather your thoughts and answer the questions effectively. Be confident in your answer and try not to ramble on.

9: Follow up with a thank you note to the manager. Saying thank you will go a long way in consideration for the next round. Reference something you talked about during the call and express your interest in the position. It is a great chance to continue the positive impression.

Follow these steps and you will ace the phone interview! A good phone call will give you the confidence to go in and be successful in the face-to-face interview.

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